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CRP01A Oil Pan

- CRP01A Oil Pan (sku: CRP01A)
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  • Gasket ID: GK10

Fits on these vehicles
YearModelSub ModelEngine 
1988NEW YORKERV6 (3L)View Parts
1989NEW YORKERV6 (3L)View Parts
1989DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1990LEBARONV6 (3L)View Parts
1990DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1990DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1990TC MASERATIV6 (3L)View Parts
1991DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1991LEBARONV6 (3L)View Parts
1991LEBARONLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1991LEBARONGTCV6 (3L)View Parts
1991TC MASERATIV6 (3L)View Parts
1992DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1992LEBARONV6 (3L)View Parts
1992LEBARONLANDAUV6 (3L)View Parts
1992LEBARONLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1992LEBARONLX SEDANV6 (3L)View Parts
1992LEBARONSEDANV6 (3L)View Parts
1992LEBARONGTCV6 (3L)View Parts
1993DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1993LEBARONV6 (3L)View Parts
1993LEBARONLANDAUV6 (3L)View Parts
1993LEBARONLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993LEBARONLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1993LEBARONGTCV6 (3L)View Parts
1994LEBARONGTCV6 (3L)View Parts
1994LEBARONLANDAUV6 (3L)View Parts
1994LEBARONLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1995LEBARONGTCV6 (3L)View Parts
2000VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
YearModelSub ModelEngine 
1987CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1987CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1987MINI RAMV6 (3L)View Parts
1988CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1988CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1988DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1988DYNASTYLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1988GRAND CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1988GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1989CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1989DYNASTYLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989GRAND CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989SPIRITESV6 (3L)View Parts
1990CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1990CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1990CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1990CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1990DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1990DAYTONAESV6 (3L)View Parts
1990DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1990DYNASTYLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1990SPIRITV6 (3L)View Parts
1990SPIRITESV6 (3L)View Parts
1990SPIRITLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1991CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1991CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1991DAYTONAESV6 (3L)View Parts
1991DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1991DYNASTYLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991SPIRITV6 (3L)View Parts
1991SPIRITESV6 (3L)View Parts
1991SPIRITLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1992CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1992CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1992DAYTONAESV6 (3L)View Parts
1992DAYTONAIROCV6 (3L)View Parts
1992DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1992DYNASTYLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992SHADOWESV6 (3L)View Parts
1992SPIRITV6 (3L)View Parts
1992SPIRITESV6 (3L)View Parts
1992SPIRITLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992GRAND CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1993CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1993CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993DAYTONAV6 (3L)View Parts
1993DAYTONAESV6 (3L)View Parts
1993DAYTONAIROCV6 (3L)View Parts
1993DYNASTYV6 (3L)View Parts
1993DYNASTYLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993GRAND CARAVANESV6 (3L)View Parts
1993GRAND CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993SHADOWV6 (3L)View Parts
1993SHADOWESV6 (3L)View Parts
1993SPIRITV6 (3L)View Parts
1993SPIRITESV6 (3L)View Parts
1994CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1994CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1994CARAVANESV6 (3L)View Parts
1994CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1994GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994SHADOWESV6 (3L)View Parts
1994SPIRITV6 (3L)View Parts
1995CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1995CARAVANC/VV6 (3L)View Parts
1995CARAVANESV6 (3L)View Parts
1995CARAVANLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1995CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1995GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1995GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1995SPIRITV6 (3L)View Parts
1996CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1996CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1996GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1996GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1997CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1997CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1997GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1997GRAND CARAVANSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1998CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1998GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1999CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
1999GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
2000CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
2000GRAND CARAVANV6 (3L)View Parts
YearModelSub ModelEngine 
1987VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1987VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1988VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1988VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989ACCLAIMLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1989GRAND VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1989VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1990ACCLAIMV6 (3L)View Parts
1990ACCLAIMLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1990ACCLAIMLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1990VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1990VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1990VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991ACCLAIMV6 (3L)View Parts
1991ACCLAIMLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991ACCLAIMLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1991VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1991VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1991VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992ACCLAIMV6 (3L)View Parts
1992GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992SUNDANCERSV6 (3L)View Parts
1992VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1992VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1992VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993ACCLAIMV6 (3L)View Parts
1993GRAND VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1993VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1993VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994ACCLAIMV6 (3L)View Parts
1994GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1994GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1994VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1994VOYAGERLXV6 (3L)View Parts
1995ACCLAIMV6 (3L)View Parts
1995GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1995GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1995VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1995VOYAGERLEV6 (3L)View Parts
1995VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1996GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1996GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1996VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1996VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1997GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1997GRAND VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1997VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1997VOYAGERSEV6 (3L)View Parts
1998VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1998GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1999GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
1999VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
2000GRAND VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
2000VOYAGERV6 (3L)View Parts
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